Find frequently asked questions about the Shopify app Size Swatch.

The swatch shape depends on the naming of your variants.

If you have variants as words, like Small, Medium and Large, then select the Rectangle option.

If you have variants that are numbers, like sizes of 6, 8, 10, then select the Circle option.

Yes, the swatch can be previewed prior to enabling on your storefront.

In the App dashboard in the ‘Preview your swatch’ section select a product to preview.  You can then change the design of the swatch (shape, colour, tooltip message) and preview how it will be displayed.

Once you are happy with the design, you can enable to your storefront.

The size swatch information can be displayed on your homepage using the Featured Collections section.    You can add the Featured Collections section to your homepage via the Theme Customiser (this is limited to your theme).

With the use of a tooltip (popup) on the product size, you can display a low stock message (like ‘Almost gone!’).  This will assist to create buyer urgency for your products. 

The level of low stock can be set in the app dashboard along with messages for when the stock is ‘in stock’, ‘out of stock’ and ‘low stock’.

The tooltip feature is supported with desktop browsing only.

If you have multiple options for your products such as a t-shirt with sizes Small, Medium and Large and colors of Red & Blue.  The sizing information will still be displayed under the product thumbnail.
If for example you have a small t-shirt with stock of 0 in red and 2 in blue, it will look at the total of the stock available for small t-shirts being 2 and mark the product as in stock.

The Size Swatch app will work with all Shopify stores.  The following stores the app code will auto-install:
Debut, Simple, Minimal, Brooklyn, Venture, Supply, Narrative, Boundless

If you store theme is not listed above, please install the app.  Then contact support to review the theme code setup and assist with getting it up and running.

The Size Swatch app is designed to work with all Shopify designed themes.   

If you have a custom theme, install the app and contact us for assistance to complete the code installation.

In the Size Swatch app dashboard, disable the app to turn it off.
To uninstall the app, delete the app from your Apps list.

It is not required to remove any additional code from your site.  If you feel comfortable editing code and would like to, please find instructions here.   Note, always backup your theme before making any code changes.

If you have read through our FAQs and can’t find the answer to your question, please get in contact.  You can email us at contact@sizeswatch.com.  Please include details on your Shopify store including store name, web address and store theme.