How do I uninstall the Size Swatch App from my Shopify store?

In the Size Swatch app dashboard, disable the app to turn it off.
To uninstall the app, delete the app from your Apps list.

It is not required to remove any additional code from your site.  If you feel comfortable editing code and would like to, please find instructions here.   Note, always backup your theme before making any code changes.

To remove the code from your theme:

  • Go to Online Store, then Themes.
  • Next to your theme, select Actions > Edit Code
  • Find the snippet file for your product card called product-card-grid.liquid
  • Go to the bottom of the file.  There will one of the following code added.
    {% render ‘aframe_sswatch’, product: product %}
    {% include ‘aframe_sswatch’ %}
  • Remove this text and Save the file
Uninstall Size Swatch from Shopify store instructions

  • Find the snippet file aframe_sswatch.liquid
  • Select ‘Delete File’
Uninstall Size Swatch app from ecommerce store